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The Paths We Choose Workshop

Have you ever wondered why people suffer despite the answers to their problems being all around them? Do you have space in your life to improve your experience and live, work, or relate to those around you more meaningfully? Come join an engaging and hands-on experience with others who are learning about, discussing, practicing, and integrating the understanding, tools, and techniques to make their goals happen.

This workshop explores meaning in our personal and work lives as the embodiment of who we are and what makes each of us unique. Understanding meaning and its elements will give you a deeper insight into your identity, why you think and act as you do, and how it shapes how satisfactorily you experience life. Moreover, you will be able to practice analyzing and transforming your meanings to increase life satisfaction and success. One of our aims in the design and execution of this workshop is that it produces relevant, realistic, usable, and actionable learnings and takeaways – maximizing value for participants in all areas of personal and professional life.

We’ll start with an expanded definition of the term “meaning” to help ground us with a strong foundation. Then, we’ll build on that premise with a dive into how meaning is formed, how it “behaves” to lead to outcomes in life, high- and low-quality meanings, and living out your meanings. All along the way will be group discussions, individual reflection time, and interactive activities tying it all together; ensuring it’s applicable and practical so you can take action!

“The workshop helped me to better understand how I make decisions in life and provided me with a framework to better process decisions in the future in a way that is intentional and meaningful. I highly recommend it.” 

Wil R., MA

Choose the Meaningful

Let’s have a conversation around meaning. We’ll start with what we know, then we’ll grow that understanding. Why? Because meaning is where it all starts. It’s what makes the great – great, and it’s what makes the not-so-great, well, you get the point.

There’s a process that meaning goes through, starting as bits and pieces of information we learn and adopt over a lifetime and culminating with how we experience our lives.

The decisions we make based on the meanings we hold form the steppingstones of the paths we walk in our day-to-day lives and careers. These are the paths we choose. We don’t always feel in control of those outcomes, and we’re going to explore why and learn some concepts, tools, and techniques that can be used to help empower us to experience our meaningfulness in our lives, the work we do, and the relationships we engage in.

Which path are you choosing?

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