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Our Mission

Enabling people and institutions to succeed in their meaningful purpose

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About Us

Get to Know The Boston Institute for Meaningful Purpose

The Boston Institute for Meaningful Purpose is the hub of meaningful purpose psychology (also known as logoteleology or just MP) research and development, and second wave organizational development (OD2.0). 
The institute was founded by Luis A. Marrero in 1986 in Boston, MA. Daniel E. Persuitte joined the institute in 2017 and is a managing partner.
Through this partnership Luis and Dan lead the institute forward by growing and refining the theories and methods of meaningful purpose psychology and creating new content and ways to share it. This centralization point serves as a platform from which Luis and Dan collaborate on furthering the purpose of MP to enable people and institutions to succeed and thrive.
The Boston Institute for Meaningful Purpose currently has our main office in Westfield, MA, with a field office in Deltona, FL from which we work with individuals, groups, and global companies in various countries.

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How can we engage together?

One-on-one Coaching

Individual coaching with one of our master certified logoteleologists is a great way to engage with meaningful purpose concepts and methods to achieve the goals you want. During these sessions you will learn the foundational elements of MP while working to identify and remove what blocks meaning from flowing freely throughout life. 

Sessions typically are 70 to 90 minutes in length and the number of sessions depends on several factors, including the goals for the outcome of the engagement. Please contact us or schedule an initial discussion with one of our coaches to learn more. 

Online Consultation

Group coaching and workshops

The Boston Institute for Meaningful Purpose offers group and team coaching in a variety of settings that can be customized to meet your unique and specific needs.

Workshops, which are also customizable, are available as well. These range in duration from partial day activities to multi-day events.

We'd love to hear from you so we can discuss what we can deliver to suit what you have in mind.   

Group therapy

Speaking engagements

Do you have a meeting, conference, event, retreat, or some other gathering where you'd like to have us speak?

Please contact us so we can discuss the specifics of your engagement and determine how we can meet your need.

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"The point is not what we expect from life, but rather what life expects from us"

Viktor Frankl

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Please complete the form on this page and submit if you'd like to get in touch with the Boston Institute for Meaningful Purpose. We offer various ways to engage, including coaching for individuals or groups, speaking engagements, training, and workshops. We'd also be happy to work with you on something custom to suit your unique purposes. We'd love to hear from you.

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