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Why Should “Meaningful Purpose” Concern You?

This blog answers: What is the key message of “The Path to a Meaningful Purpose: Psychological Foundations of Logoteleology”? What do readers take away from the book?

As I explained in a previous blog, logoteleology or meaningful purpose psychology is an optimistic and positive method that challenges the notion that personal and social self-inflicted suffering is an acceptable condition for human life. While it is true that as long as we are humans we will not be able to totally eradicate suffering, too many people hurt needlessly.


As a method, logoteleology helps people learn and apply solutions that minimize the meaningless and maximize the meaningful. As stated on page 4 of the book, “Logoteleology is in the business of reducing meaningless actions and promoting meaningful deeds.” Hence, the key message of The Path to a Meaningful Purpose is that humans have a choice. You, the reader, do have a choice to self-determine the quality of your personal life. Moreover, logoteleology believes that creating successful win-win conditions and thriving communities is not a pipe dream. The Path to a Meaningful Purpose offers a viable, empirically-based, achievable and realistic method to successful living. That is why we claim that meaningful purpose psychology is also a way of life.

Logoteleology offers that in order to thrive in life it is important to

  1. recognize and embrace the meaningful as a guiding compass

  2. willingly purpose and commit yourself to successful living through meaningful actions that benefit you and others

Specifically, The Path to a Meaningful Purpose provides the basis to help you

  1. understand why people suffer and institutions fail to reach their potential despite the availability of practical solutions;

  2. discover who you are by learning about identities and how they are formed and improved;

  3. realize what is meaningful and meaningless in life;

  4. resolve to make decisions that set you up to make the best of what life offers;

  5. find and commit to a meaningful purpose that serves as a guiding compass for a fulfilling life;

  6. learn how to set goals and make choices that are compatible with what is meaningful to you; and

  7. determine how you can select and use the right type of motivation that builds and strengthens your mental stamina and confidence to win in life.

Could you benefit from any of the solutions offered above? You are invited to learn more about meaningful purpose psychology as a science and method.

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