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Who Benefits Reading “The Path to a Meaningful Purpose”?

People who will most benefit from reading The Path to a Meaningful Purpose‘ are those who hunger for answers to four fundamental existential questions:

  1. Who am I?

  2. What matters in life? What is meaningful and meaningless?

  3. What is my life purpose? Why am I here?

  4. How do I successfully achieve my life purpose?

“The Path to a Meaningful Purpose” is the first volume in an anthology on meaningful purpose psychology (i.e. logoteleology). The book introduces the psychological foundations of logoteleology. I stated in the preface of the book that

“The Path to a Meaningful Purpose” is a scholarly work. However, I worked hard to use a writing style that defined terms and made reading easy for the lay person. I also explained that “…the heavy reliance on research is deliberate. Future books will rely on the findings reported in this introductory work and as a result will have fewer quotes and citations. It is my wish that future readers, who might want to know on what basis I made claims and recommendations, will find answers in this first volume and its updated versions.” Hence, psychologists and other social science practitioners can review my sources and — on that basis — reach their own conclusions.  I also encourage fellow social scientists and academics to test my propositions and models in order to strengthen meaningful purpose psychology concepts, methods and tools.

In addition, as explained above, the general public is also encouraged to read its content given that future volumes will deal in specific areas that covers everyday living concerns. Actually, lay readers have enjoyed and greatly benefited from the book’s content. The Path to a Meaningful Purpose explains successful living, and offers a framework to achieve worthwhile and meaningful life goals. For instance, when a person is consciously aware of the difference between the meaningful and the meaningless, she or he can be in a better position to confidently and effortlessly make smart and favorable decisions.

Individual and organizational coaches, consultants and leadership trainers will also benefit studying and applying the concepts from The Path to a Meaningful Purpose. I have a successful coaching practice with an international audience who benefits through meaningful purpose psychological approaches. I also facilitate Meaningful Purpose Laboratories (MPL) and consult to organizations on how to strategize, to structure and to lead for success. Those aspiring to be certified and licensed  by The Boston Institute for Meaningful Purpose to coach, train, and consult will need to be well-versed in meaningful purpose psychology; and The Path to a Meaningful Purpose is required reading. Organizational leaders and Human Resource practitioners will benefit to learn fundamental concepts on how to engage employees through meaningful work, and a worthwhile purpose.

What about you? Do you know who you are? Do you know what matters in life? Do you know why you are on this planet, and what your life is all about? And do you know how to succeed?

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