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Welcome to the Boston Institute for Meaningful Purpose!

At Boston IMP we help people realize their potential to grow and thrive through meaningful purpose. We do this in a number of ways, but first let me tell you what we mean by “meaningful purpose”. If you’d like to take some time to read the story with some more detail, please check it out here. For now, we’ll just say that meaningful purpose, which we often refer to as “MP”, is a proprietary and scientific approach we’ve created and honed to be very practical and usable in everyday work and life.

In fact, it’s so broadly applicable that MP can be used to help people and groups with just about anything. From realigning personal development goals and improving motivation to helping build more meaningful leaders and organizations and just about anything in between, there really are many ways to draw great benefits from applying MP for anyone.

When you think about it, connecting to meaning in a deep and authentic way, understanding how meaning leads to purposeful action, and knowing the five meaningful states that people strive to obtain can (and do!) go a long way toward making a difference in the lives of people and groups of people like organizations.

And that’s what we do at the Boston Institute for Meaningful Purpose, we help people realize their potential to grow and thrive through meaningful purpose. In addition to the services we offer, we also publish blog postings on various topics related to MP and its application in the world and in people's lives.

Again, welcome to Boston IMP. We’re so glad you’re here.

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