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Transform Your Practice: Become a Meaningful Purpose Practitioner

Are you a positive and idealistic practitioner who yearns to make a profound difference in your practice, team, organization, and the lives of others? Despite your best intentions and efforts, do you find that certain hidden forces thwart meaningful change? Or perhaps you wish to be part of the solution by becoming a confident practitioner who helps improve lives. Where can you gain such confidence and the competence to achieve it?

Imagine a path that transcends surface-level solutions and taps into the core of transformation. Welcome to the world of Meaningful Purpose Psychology (Logoteleology)! This certification program will help you learn about this transformative approach’s origins, concepts, and proven methods.

Join us as we delve into the tools that uncover barriers, set the foundation for lasting change, and empower you to create meaningful impact. Discover what gives life meaning and how to help others find fulfillment. Whether you’re a psychologist, coach, consultant, trainer, leader, human resource professional, or counselor, this program is your gateway to a meaningful, purpose-driven journey. You will practice and build proven abilities for a meaningful, mission-oriented life.

Certification Details

  1. Cohort: Seats are limited and held on a first-come basis.

  2. Date: Starts late Spring and early Summer, 2024

  3. Time: To be determined by the cohort

  4. Training hours: 60+ plus a five-day in person laboratory

  5. Platform: Zoom or Teams and in-person

  6. Hosted by: The Boston Institute for Meaningful Purpose

  7. Investment:

  8. If you register before May 1, your investment is US$997.00. After May 1, 2024, the investment is US$1297.00.

  9. An additional US$1297 for the final in-person 5-day learning laboratory.


  1. Participation in a highly engaging webinar

  2. Facilitated by Luis A. Marrero, founder of the Boston Institute for Meaningful Purpose and pioneer of Meaningful Purpose Psychology

  3. Build and be part of a learning and support community of like-minded individuals committed to helping you through the program

  4. Afterhours access to Luis for support and supervision

  5. After meeting all the requirements, you will be listed on the Boston Institute for Meaningful Purpose webpage as a Certified Logoteleology Practitioner.

Boston Institute for Meaningful Purpose

Discovering Life’s Answers. TM

About Us: The Boston Institute for Meaningful Purpose is the epicenter of meaningful purpose psychology research, development, and education. Founded in 1986 by Luis A. Marrero, our mission is to assist individuals in realizing their potential for growth and thriving through purpose. We help individuals discover life’s answers. ™ Luis, the facilitator and supervisor, authored The Path to a Meaningful Purpose: Psychological Foundations of Logoteleology (2013) and, with co-author Daniel Persuitte, Meaningful Purpose: A Primer in Logoteleology (2022). Among other services, the Boston Institute for Meaningful Purpose certifies practitioners in Meaningful Purpose Psychology methods.

Or contact Luis Marrero ( or sign up through our website: Contact | Boston Institute for Meaningful Purpose ( and leave a message expressing your interest in the program.

Discovering life’s answers. 🌟

Boston Institute for Meaningful Purpose

Our Mission

We help people realize their potential to grow and thrive through meaningful purpose.


“… my life has had a lot more direction and clarity with how I interpret situations and give them meaning. Specifically, I can use Meaningful Purpose Psychology (MP) methods to evaluate my thoughts and beliefs about myself, others, and situations. … it allows me to confront life’s challenges in a positive light. MP can help anyone willing to learn and practice the methods to get better meaning, growth, fulfillment, and satisfaction out of life.” Adrian W.

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Luis about a year ago. He completely changed my perspective and direction in life; I often felt I was climbing the wrong ladder of success in life, and he provided me guidance by asking questions no one else had ever asked me before. I recommend him to anyone feeling lost or lacking purpose. 10/10, my friend, you changed my life. Leighton H.

This method provides the possibility of understanding the motivators of human behavior in-depth, with a series of accessible and verifiable frameworks related to both self-knowledge and understanding of others. Thus, the greatest value the Logoteleological method delivers is the potential for genuine self-determination that transcends trait predispositions. Carmen R. C.

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