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The Meaningful Purpose Couple


This laboratory is designed for couples who wish to define, plan, build, commit, and succeed in their meaningful purpose.

Better known as “The Love Lab”, this experiential learning is designed for couples committed to elevate their relationship to a higher level of love and meaning. It is a hands-on learning experience where couples practice relationship building skills. Leveraging concepts from meaningful purpose psychology and others sources, couples:

  1. explore how to apply meaningful purpose psychology solutions to their relationship

  2. deepen self-awareness, and discover strengths they can leverage to enrich their relationship

  3. learn and practice interpersonal and problem solving skills

  4. jointly build and decide on a meaningful purpose for their relationship

  5. plan for back-home application and sustainment

This laboratory lasts 24 hours and can be divided in 3-hours in-session learning. Participants carry out assignments after each lesson. Up to 3 hours of individual and couple coaching is provided during and after the learning session. (Coaching is not “marriage counseling”, which we do not do.)

For more information, contact Luis A. Marrero below.

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