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The 9th Biennial International Meaning Conference


The 9th Biennial International Meaning Conference

Spirituality, Self-Transcendence, & Second Wave Positive Psychology

July 28-31, 2016 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The premiere second wave positive psychology conference 

across APA divisions & academic disciplines

Embracing the dark side of life

Empowering humanistic values

Cultivating meaning, virtue & happiness

Transcending suffering & terror

Keynotes: A. Batthyany, W. S. Breitbart, M. Cooper, R. De Sousa, C. E. Hill, I. Ivtzan, H. G. Koenig, M. Lerner, R. A. Neimeyer, A. Pattakos, J. B. Peterson, C. D. Ryff, K. J. Schneider, M. F. Steger, P. T. P. Wong, & J. S. Wright.

For information on Conference Registration & Scholarship Competition visit

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