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Motivation: Why are you trying so hard?

Luis A. Marrero has been invited to facilitate a workshop on motivation through the lens of Meaningful Purpose Psychology or Logoteleology. You are invited to participate by attending the Contact Center and Customer Engagement Best Practices Conference, June 20, 2018, in Orlando, Florida.


Key macro indicators pertaining employee engagement, trust in leadership, and happiness at work remain stubbornly on negative terrain. Why — despite encouraging empirical findings and a plethora of consulting firms and internal practitioners — do key success indicators remain stubbornly low? To solve the paradox, and through the lens of Meaningful Purpose Psychology, participants will

  1. define the engagement problem

  2. examine operating assumptions about the problem

  3. learn where the operating assumptions come from and their impact on motivation and engagement

  4. plan to implement practical solutions to increase intrinsic motivation and engagement

About the Facilitator

Luis A. Marrero is an internationally recognized author, consultant and coach. He is the CEO of the Boston Institute for Meaningful Purpose, and Deputy Chairman of the Board of the International Network on Personal Meaning. Luis authored the award winning The Path to a Meaningful Purpose: Psychological Foundations of Logoteleology; his first book in a planned anthology. He is acknowledged as the pioneer of meaningful purpose psychology or logoteleology, as well as Second Wave Organization Development (OD2.0). He lives with his wife, Nahir, in Westfield, Massachusetts and Deltona, Florida.

Those interested in building people motivation and engagement can contact us at

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