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Meaning, Set, Go!

[IN MEXICO CITY, September 8 – 9, 2016]

The groundwork for meaning, purpose, and motivation in life and work..

Ninety percent of adults spend half  their waking lives doing things they would rather not do be doing at places they would rather not be. ~ Barry Schwartz ~

The Meaning Set Go! (Meaningful Purpose) Workshop is a two-day

learning experience where participants learn how to spend their waking lives doing things they love to do, at places and with people they enjoy being with. During the workshop you will explore meaning from several perspectives; including individual meaning, relational meaning, meaning at work, and shared meaning; and why they matter.  Throughout the workshop learners will be encouraged to reflect on the various roles meaning plays in daily life, and how they can make significant improvements in personal and professional settings.

So what do you “mean”?

Meaning involves everything we do.  We are all challenged to determine if we are living in a meaningful way, and to determine how we can hold ourselves back from enjoying life to its fullest.  This workshop aims to help participants to

  1. consider the role of meaning in well-being

  2. interact with others in positive and constructive ways

  3. appreciate the consequences of the meaning given to self, to life, to others, and to situations

  4. build confidence and courage to meet life challenges head-on

  5. practice the right kind of motivation to be successful in what they set out to do.

The workshop also helps you answer questions such as

“How does what I do fit in with my personal meaning?”

“Why is work sometimes so difficult?”

“What could I do to increase my and others’ motivation at work?”

“How can I improve my relationship with important people in my life?”

“How does the meaning I give to a particular task affect how I approach it?”

“What are some ways where meaning at work makes a difference?”

These are some of the questions that participants will be able to answer to their satisfaction by understanding the role of meaning, motivation, purpose, and consequence in personality.

How does “meaning” give a competitive edge in a business setting?

The Meaningful Purpose Workshop is based on the work of Luis A. Marrero, author of the book The Path to a Meaningful Purpose: Psychological Foundations of Logoteleology.  The workshop explains how to truly leverage and achieve success for all stakeholders though meaning-centered cultures. Luis brings to bear his experiences as a corporate executive, a board member, an organization development consultant, and an executive coach.

Workshop Agenda

Day one:

  1. What is meaning, meaningful, and important?

  2. Sources of meaning

  3. Breakout exercises to help understand how meaning is contributing to personal and leadership approaches

  4. What is purpose? (part 1)

Day two:

  1. What is purpose (part 2)

  2. The role of motivation in personality, and how to live with zest

  3. The role and value of understanding consequence

  4. The path ahead: planning to employ meaning, motivation, and purpose to success

  5. Next steps…

Facilitated in Spanish by Daniela Soto, and Luis A. Marrero, M.A., RODP, LLP, CEO Boston Institute for Meaningful Purpose, Deputy Chairman of the Board and Editor of the International Network for Personal Meaning (INPM) Newsletter, and co-founder of the INPM Meaningful Work Division. Luis is also a member of the International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA), co-founder of the Work & Organization Division (WOD), and IPPA/WOD Lead Chair of the Membership and Relations Committee.

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