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Luis A. Marrero, MA, RODP and His Path to Authorship on Meaningful Purpose Psychology

Who am I, the author Luis A. Marrero? And what led me to write “The Path to a Meaningful Purpose: Psychological Foundations of Logoteleology?”

I am the founder and CEO of The Boston Institute for Meaningful Purpose with offices in Westfield, Massachusetts, and Deltona, Florida. (www.bostonimp) Founded in the City of Boston, Massachusetts in 1986,The Boston Institute for Meaningful Purpose’s mantra is “Enabling people and institutions to succeed in their meaningful purpose.” The Boston Institute is the hub for contemporary Meaningful Purpose Psychology (Logoteleology) research and practice.

I have worked for Fortune 100 companies as a senior Human Resource leader, Senior Organization Development Consultant, coach, trainer, and business logoteleologist. In addition to leading and fulfilling The Boston Institute for Meaningful Purpose’s mantra, I held senior leadership roles for companies such as Digital Equipment Corporation, LEXIS-NEXIS, CHRISTUS Health, Walt Disney World, and most recently YSC Business Psychologists. I also do freelance assessment and consulting for consulting firms. I have had the pleasure of consulting for global companies on three continents in both Spanish and English.

Siena Heights University in Adrian, Michigan hails as my alma mater where I earned a Bachelor of Arts in History. In addition, I graduated from the School of Public Administration at University of Puerto Rico with a Master in Arts in Human Resource Management. I did my thesis work in the Transactional Analysis psychological method, an experience that sparked a passion for anything psychological. I did post-graduate studies in Organization Development (OD) at the renowned NTL Institute, Alexandria, Virginia. Because of my experience and achievements in the OD field I was invited to become a member and adjunct faculty of the prestigious NTL Institute, the birthplace of OD in the United States. Since OD is an offshoot of social psychology, over the years I have remain committed to study with great interest relevant psychology journals, as well as the works of Kurk Lewin and other researchers in the field. I have also studied the works of — and acknowledge that I am heavily influenced by two psychology giants and their respective theories — Alfred Adler’s Individual Psychology, as well as existentialist Viktor Frankl’s Logotherapy.

I am a member of the International Positive Psychology Association, and held a senior role in the Work & Organization Division. I am also Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors for the the International Network for Personal Meaning (INPM), and Editor for the INPM Newsletter. My degree in history allows me to understand lessons from the past; it provides me with a perspective of how the past influences current human events, and the ability to determine potential future scenarios. Psychology, on the other hand, provides me with a perspective and understanding about the behavioral dynamics that influence decision making and choice — and more important — their consequence. My knowledge and experience in Human Resources, Organization Development and leadership provides me with a real-life view to human dynamics in action. With the combined viewpoints of these three fields I built a meaning-centered psycho-social perspective of human interaction causal relations. Over time, my knowledge, life experiences, and research led me to build and offer propositions for a theory I call meaningful purpose psychology. As I stated on page 4 on my book, “The Path to a Meaningful Purpose” “In the process of learning, applying, and improving myself, purpose, will, and meaning surfaced as central themes in my search for answers.” Shortly thereafter I stated, “… as a personal quest I promised myself to write a book with my findings in order to help others who might share my need.” The Path is the first in an anthology on meaningful purpose psychology.

Logoteleology came to being as a result of a paradox: Given that we are inundated with answers and solutions, and where knowledge duplicates at an accelerated rate, why is there so much strife, disengagement, lack of trust, unhappiness, and suffering? The science answers why, and helps individuals, groups and organization escape a self-defeating cycle to nowhere.

With my colleague Dan Persuitte, we are now researching for and writing a series of volumes in the meaningful purpose psychology anthology. Our next project is the book, Logoteleology: A Field Guide. Thereafter we will publish  the second edition of The Path to a Meaningful Purpose. This will be followed by: The Paradox: Why Humans Thirst for Answers in a Sea of Solutions, and Revealing the Path to a Meaningful Purpose.

I welcome comments and questions on The Path to a Meaningful Purpose: Psychological Foundations of Logoteleology, and on meaningful purpose psychology. Please also send comments and questions on the content of this blog.

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