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Introduction to Meaningful Purpose Psychology

This is a description of the Introduction to Meaningful Purpose Psychology webinar. If you are interested in attending a future session, please contact the author below.

Based on the Award-Winning book, The Path to a Meaningful Purpose: Psychological Foundations of Logoteleology, this free 60-minute interactive webinar will help you:

  1. Find out what Meaningful Purpose Psychology is.

  2. Experience simple yet powerful models to diagnose and improve conditions.

  3. Realize how meaningful purpose (Logoteleological) methods improve well-being and prosperity

Logoteleology methods are successfully leveraged by Second Wave Organization Development Consultants (OD 2.0), coaches, leadership development facilitators, counselors, and therapists. This brief introduction will also inform those seeking to be part of the

* Meaning of Life. Meaning in Life Learning Series * 2020 Cohort to become a Certified Logoteleology Practitioner (CLP). Reviews by past participants: * Fantastic! (LC) * Excellent! (RN) * Fascinating model. (DO) * Thank you both! This is really helpful and it was an incredible presentation. (SC) * Thank you to both of you. It is a wonderful webinar (CD)

The event is sponsored by the Boston Institute for Meaningful Purpose and facilitated by author Luis A. Marrero, M.A., RODP, LLP.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

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