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5 Ways We Strive and Thrive

five steps of a path in a wooded area where the sun is peeking through the trees symbolize the five meaning states of the Five Strivings

The Five Strivings

Love (being prosocial), Peace, Happiness, Engagement, and Prosperity

The Five Meaningful Life Strivings (or just the “Five Strivings”) are the five meaningful states that humans seek to be aligned with the meaningful. To be in line with these states is to be living in concert with what is meaningful within ourselves and with that and those around us. This is the initial post in a short series on the Five Strivings that will cover what each state is, the benefit is brings, and what alignment to the meaningful takes.

A wooden sign at the side of a dirt path through the grass meant to show the different paths we could walk

The Meaningful Path

You wouldn’t have to listen to or read anything on the topic of MP (Meaningful Purpose Psychology) long to come across what we call the “Meaningful Path.” The term is used to refer to the five meaningful states that people seek. They are also referred to as the “Five Strivings” for this reason. When we attain these five meaningful states, we thrive through them.

"Strive and Thrive” is more than just a catchy way to frame the Five Strivings, it helps to show that these meaningful states, and the “Meaningful Path” are not a destination, they are part of the journey. This is a big topic, and a big benefit to be sure, but the truth is, these states aren’t just the culmination of a life well-lived, or even a job well done, what they are and where they happen is much simpler than all that. They can be our day-to-day realities.

Throughout a series of posts I am exploring each of these Five Strivings individually, breaking them down one by one, and then wrapping up by bringing them back together. My aim is to simplify these steps of the Meaningful Path in a way that shows their practicality and applicability in everyday life, as well as their usefulness on a grander scale.

Taking on each striving separate from the others also allows them to be viewed independently and considered in their own light. A great way to think about improving how to walk the Meaningful Path is to consider each step you take as you continue to learn and grow in living your most meaningful life.

Because ultimately that’s what we’re doing here, right? Taking steps toward improving our connection to what is meaningful in our own lives, even boosting that, and then aligning our actions to carry out our purposes meaningfully. Steps that will come together to form the path each of us walks. When you think of doing something meaningfully, do you think about quick fixes? Shortcuts? Or do you think about being considerate, thoughtful, and thorough? So, let’s do this the right way. A step at a time.

Next up in this Five Strivings series will be a post on the first of the five meaningful states, being prosocial.

See you at the starting line!


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