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21st Century Workplace Forum:  

Cultivating Meaningful and Prosperous Workplaces: A Second Wave Organization Development Perspective (OD2.0)

Sponsored by

Luis A. Marrero, M.A., RODP, LLP   Edwin Mouriño, PhD.

The Boston Institute for Meaningful Purpose (Boston Institute) and the Human Intelligent (HI) Workplace are sponsoring the 21st Century Forum for the spring or summer of 2024 in Central Florida. The Central Florida venue will be announced at a later date. We accept spaces by invitation only for a cohort of academics, leaders, HR professionals, training and development professionals, and organization development consultants.


A forum is a meeting place for open discussion and exchanging ideas. As such, this Forum will provide short lectures to provide context and tools for shared understanding and engage participants in highly interactive problem and opportunity analysis and solution development. Participants will review and diagnose the state of leadership and organizations, contributing factors, and — leveraging multi-disciplinary tools — design and plan solutions for the 21st Century.

The agenda includes learning diagnostic approaches that include Human Intelligence and Meaningful Purpose Psychology (MP) methodologies. You will review and apply MP and other approaches offered by the community to diagnose the foundational influences shaping current organization theory and design, leadership and management practices, and OD methodologies. The discovery process will reveal strengths and opportunities, allowing you and fellow participants to understand why a Second Wave Organization Development (OD2.0) is indispensable and emerged to design solutions for back-home applications. The learning is enriched through the multi-disciplinary perspectives and contributions of participants. Knowledge and solution building includes reevaluating the role of leaders, academics, and practitioners enriched by the contributions of the professional fields represented. 

The target audience is deliberate: academics, leaders, HR, Training and Development, anthropologists, social scientists, psychologists, economists, historians, and OD consultants are key stakeholders (Anyone involved in working in human capital initiatives in their organization) that help shape organizational life and performance. The multiple perspectives of the participants will provide a rich source of information to develop solutions to transform the work and organization paradigm.

Learning Objectives

Through this highly interactive two-day Forum, you will meet and exchange information with a like-minded multi-disciplinary cohort of practitioners, academics, and leaders to: 

  1. Review and diagnose the current state of leadership and organizations’ quality of work life. 

  2. Learn from the rich, diverse, multi-disciplinary community’s perspectives on how to build successful leaders and organizations that bring out the best of all stakeholders. We will share Human Intelligence Workplace and Meaningful Purpose Psychology models to provide a framework to leverage and encourage a multi-disciplinary dialogue.

  3. Leveraging a multi-disciplinary perspective, develop solutions to improve the organization’s overall work experience while boosting profitability. 

  4. Review the implications for academics, leaders, HR, T&D, and organization development practitioners and how such effects can transform their roles. 

  5. Design action steps for meaningful back-home improvement. 

How to Register

The 21st Century Workplace Forum is planned for the Spring or Summer of 2024 in Central Florida, with a venue and investment to be determined. At this time, we are inviting a selected cohort to participate in this very relevant Forum. If you are interested or wish to participate in this Forum, please get in touch with Luis A. Marrero at

About the Sponsors

The Boston Institute for Meaningful Purpose is the hub of Logoteleology, the scientific name of Meaningful Purpose Psychology (MP). The institute was founded by Luis A. Marrero in 1986 in Boston, Massachusetts. Luis pioneered Meaningful Purpose Psychology and Second Wave Organization Development (OD2.0) and is a globally recognized author, coach, consultant, and trainer.

The Human Intelligent (HI) Workplace was created with the intent of helping organizations become more human-centered. Edwin Mourino, Ph.D., founded the organization to help leaders ensure that their organization not only takes advantage of what AI has to offer but also does so while creating an Human Intelligent organization. Dr. Mouriño is an author, coach, consultant, human capital practitioner, and educator.

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