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Workshop: Coaching for a Meaningful Meaning


London, UK, 30 June – 2 July 2017

Facilitator: Luis A. Marrero, M.A., RODP, LLP; CEO Boston Institute for Meaningful Purpose

It is encouraging to know that various schools of psychology have leveraged existing counseling and therapeutic methods to coaching (Wong, 2011;[i] Cox & Bachkirova, 2014[ii]; Grant, 2015[iii]).; including existential philosophy (Van Deurzen & Hanaway, 2012[iv]). Over the last decades, the positive and meaning-centered psychology perspectives have inspired and generated practical tools and methods that have found application in therapy, coaching, counseling and consulting. This workshop provides a coaching model designed to facilitate effective and meaningful decision making in organizational settings.  It leverages the methods of logotherapy, including a specific focus on principle of meaningful purpose psychology which the author describes as the field of logoteleology (Marrero, 2013[v]). You will be learning a 5 step “AVR coaching model” ©, including the phases of meaning awareness, meaning analysis, meaning validation, meaning re-decision, and meaning replacement.   You will be presented with didactic material and experiential exercises to prepare you to practice the AVR coaching model or to include the methods of AVR within your current coaching approach.

During the workshop participants will have the opportunity to:

  1. Learn the fundamentals of Meaningful Purpose Psychology or logoteleology

  2. Distinguish between meaning, meaningful and important

  3. Discern the value of coaching through the AVR method

  4. Practice coaching leveraging the AVR method

  5. Acquire additional resources for back-home learning and application

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[v] Marrero, L. A. (2013). The path to a meaningful purpose: Psychological foundations of logoteleology. Bloomington: IUniverse LLC.

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