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The Paths We Choose: A Workshop


You are an ambitious person committed to learning and growing to add value to your and other people’s lives. You are eager to give your best and make a meaningful contribution that has a lasting positive effect on all you do. And you yearn to have every day be a positive and prosperous experience.

YET, you grapple with any of these…

  1. Identity Uncertainty: You experience moments of doubt about who you are and how to leverage your inner talents for a meaningful impact.

  2. Frustration: Despite your best efforts, you struggle to meet both your own and others’ expectations, leaving you feeling unfulfilled.

  3. Lack of Support: Your ambition is met with indifference from those around you, making your journey towards goodness and personal growth a solitary one.

  4. Disheartening Solutions: Attempts to bring meaningful change seem to fall short, leaving you discouraged and questioning the practicality of your efforts.

  5. Exhaustion and Underappreciation: Long hours invested in work and relationships yield little to no appreciation, leaving you drained and undervalued.

But there is a silver lining!

You now have the opportunity to be a part of The Paths We Choose Workshop – the inaugural event in a transformative series dedicated to forming a learning community committed to discovering the true meaning of life and how to attain it.

Why Invest in The Paths We Choose Workshop?

  1. Transformative Learning Community: Join a community of like-minded individuals determined to unravel the secrets of a meaningful life.

  2. Practical Solutions: Moved beyond theoretical approaches to discover practical actionable strategies that lead to tangible and meaningful results.

  3. Tailored for You: Designed to address the specific challenges you face in realizing your aspirations and potential.

Interested? Read more below.

Have you ever wondered why people suffer despite the answers to their problems being all around them? Do you have space in your life to improve your experience and live, work, or relate to those around you more meaningfully? Come join an engaging and hands-on experience with others who are learning about, discussing, practicing, and integrating the understanding, tools, and techniques to make their goals happen.

This workshop explores meaning in our personal and work lives as the embodiment of who we are and what makes each of us unique. Understanding meaning and its elements will give you a deeper insight into your identity, why you think and act as you do, and how it shapes how satisfactorily you experience life. Moreover, you will be able to practice analyzing and transforming your meanings to increase life satisfaction and success. One of our aims in the design and execution of this workshop is that it produces relevant, realistic, usable, and actionable learnings and takeaways – maximizing value for participants in all areas of personal and professional life.

We’ll start with an expanded definition of the term “meaning” to help ground us with a strong foundation. Then, we’ll build on that premise with a dive into how meaning is formed, how it “behaves” to lead to outcomes in life, high-and-low-quality meanings, and living out your meanings. All along the way, there will be group discussions, individual reflection time, and interactive activities tying it all together, ensuring it’s applicable and practical so you can take action!

It would be a pleasure to have you attend!

Who Sponsors?

Hi, we are the Boston Institute for Meaningful Purpose, the hub of Meaningful Purpose Psychology and Second Wave Organization Development (OD2.0). Founded in 1986 in Boston, Massachusetts, The Boston Institute for Meaningful Purpose is dedicated to promoting meaningful purpose psychology globally. Our classes, workshops, trainings, and laboratories are facilitated by certified and licensed logoteleologists.


“The workshop helped me to better understand how I make decisions in life and provided me with a framework to better process decisions in the future in a way that is intentional and meaningful. I highly recommend it.” – Wil R.

“I came here today not sure what to expect or what I’d take away from attending this workshop. I’ve been feeling as though I’ve been going through a season of rejection. After all the discussions of today, I appreciate learning that sometimes the path we choose may just be the one where you simply stop fighting, accept the current reality you’re in and see where that path takes you!” – Alexandria M.

“This workshop has allowed me to think deeper in situations that I find difficult. Having these tools will help me to have more meaningful relationships.” – Rosjenee S.

“I attended The Paths We Choose one-day workshop and received valuable insight on what really goes on behind the scenes when we make decisions and form life intentions. It was like seeing the inner workings of my mind’s clock, and knowing the names and function of each gear, which ultimately helps me keep it running well, with meaningful action. Thank you, Dan and Luis, for your patience and clarity!” – Jeannette R.

Next Steps

To register to one of our future cohorts in Western Massachusetts and Central Florida, contact Luis Marrero at Just let us know if it’ll be just you or how many are in your group. The investment for the one-day event is $179.00 per seat. We look forward to welcoming you to The Paths We Choose!

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