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Summits of Self: The Seven Peaks of Personal Growth, by Alan Mallory

Mount Everest

Book Review by Luis A. Marrero

Ever wonder how reaching the peak of Mount Everest can teach us essential lessons on how to thrive in life? Alan Mallory’s Summits of Self: The Seven Peaks of Personal Growth is about recognizing our inner mountains, “the inner challenges and adversities of our lives,” and being able to learn from and overcome them. Recognizing our inner mountains is crucial because we are defined by how we overcome them. The author would know; he reached the summit of Mount Everest and has also been able to overcome many of his own struggles.

Allan Mallory in Mount Everest

From the beginning of the book, the reader is captivated by suspense, rich examples, and anecdotes many can relate to. Hence, we can quickly connect with and identify with Alan and his experiences. His challenges are trials not uncommon to ours, making the read real and relevant. Through rich metaphoric language, Alan leads us through a developmental and transformational journey from our life’s “base camp” starting point to the peak of our potential. He leverages his experience as a mountain climber combined with reliable psychological principles as tools for growth. As a result, he comes across as learned, experienced, and practical. He strikes the right balance when communicating the technical aspects of mountain climbing with the realities we face in life and offers a path to help us climb to our summit. Alan’s style is confident yet compassionate, open, and vulnerable to his struggles and fragilities, which speaks to our shared humanity. Summits of Self is a book for everyone’s shelf; a text to return to in order to find solutions and inspiration.

Alan Mallory

Speaker, author, performance coach, and mountain climber

To reach Alan, please go to

Luis A. Marrero, M.A., RODP, MLP

Founding Partner of the Boston Institute for Meaningful Purpose

Author of the award-winning, The Path to a Meaningful Purpose: Psychological Foundations of Logoteleology, and soon to be published, Meaningful Purpose: A Primer in Logoteleology

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